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Top 10 European city Breaks


Far from the madding crowd and far from the hustle bustle of the daily city life, these 10 European cities for city breaks provide you the much needed break that you so badly want.


This calm little city in France is a must visit place for beach lovers as it has got some lovely sea fronts along the way. This city has something for everyone. Food lovers, art lovers, sea lovers etc. are leave with a content feeling after visiting this place. The famous seafront at Promenade is the origin for the Nice Half Marathon race series.


This is another remote place that should be visited by people who love ancient architecture. This place is full of old churches, buildings, palaces etc. It is culturally very rich but the beauty of this city is that it is so quiet than its more famous cousins, Florence and Rome. Surprisingly, one can get to do a lot of designer shopping here as the options are varied. The fruit markets of Palermo can be seen in their fullest bloom, during the spring season.


This place is famous for its snow-capped mountains, beautiful glaciers, museums, amazing food and the excellent ambience. flight information UK department has announced that this place is easily accessible by air from Luton. The geysers, hot springs and blue lagoons here attract a huge number of visitors every year.


This is a must visit place for museum lovers. It is very rightly called the living museum because of the large number of galleries it hosts. It is culturally one of the richest city in the world and sees lots of visitors throughout the year.


People of this city are very laid back. There is good food, good music and enchanting dance festivals throughout the year. This city has one of the perfect mixes of fun and culture in its lifestyle. The Flamenco dance culture of Barcelona is quite popular across the world.


Vatican City is the first thing that comes to ones mind while thinking of Rome. This is the perfect place to get away for the weekend as it has amazing food, high quality wine and a naturally soothing climate. This is again one of the culturally important cities of Europe and the architecture of this city makes one go spell bound.


This beautiful city in Sweden is very scenic and has beautiful little canals running around it. This is a must visit place for sea food lovers as the seafood here is undoubtedly the best in the world.


What better time to visit this great city than spring! The culture is so ancient and breath taking that whoever visits this place can never stop themselves from falling in love all over again with this place. The bridges, the waterways, the friendliness of the people are all great plus points of this city.



The city of cheese! This is another getaway where one can feel immediately relaxed and rejuvenated. Wild life lovers can enjoy thoroughly here as they get to travel on a mini cruise while watching the dolphins and whales on the sea.


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